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Come on fhqwhgads

9 April
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.hack, .hack//sign, 1950's, 80's, :w:, a perfect circle, aggrotech, amduscia, android lust, animals, anime, apoptygma berzerk, art, avenged sevenfold, bandanas, battle of the bands, bettie page, black and white, body mods, candles, car mods, cars, cat eye glasses, cemeteries, chocolate, chuck palahniuk, computer mods, computers, corsets, counterstrike:source, curly fries, cybergoth subculture, darkelectro, deadsy, deep conversations, depeche mode, destroyer.net radio, dnangel, dorks, dresden dolls, dune, ebm, electronic music, escaflowne, exploding dog, explosivo, eyes, fake hair, fantomas, fight club, final fantasy, fishnets, flyff, food, geeks, ghosts, glowsticks, grave yards, guinness, gundam seed, h*r, hair, halflife2, harsh ebm, hocico, homestar runner, horror movies, industrial, insomnia, kmfdm, kraftwerk, lesbians, little jimmy urine, live music, love hina, making candy, manga, maplestory, mdfmk, metal, mike patton, mindless self indulgence, mitch hedberg, movies, mr bungle, msi, muscle cars, music, nerds, nin, nine inch nails, ohgr, one piece, penny arcade, piercings, poetry, pop tarts, prog metal, psychobilly, psyclon nine, pulp fiction, radiohead, ramen noodles, random pictures, rasputina, raves, razed in black, rivetheads, rocket sauce, rpgs, rurouni kenshin, sarcasm, save ferris, sex supreme, sisters of mercy, skinny puppy, slayer, sleeping, smashing pumpkins, soul calibur, spongebob squarepants, strongbad, sublime, super smash bros melee, symphonic metal, symphony x, tenacious d, terror ebm, the blood of cuchulainn, the boondock saints, the cure, the misfits, the nightmare before christmas, thrill kill kult, tim burton, tool, tsunami bomb, uv, vampires, vgcats, video games, vnv nation, web design, white zombie, yellow dellos, zombies, zoos,